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Motoraid Ltd Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Statement

Motoraid UK Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Company), believes that the prevention of accidents involving personal injury or damage to property and the welfare of its employees is essential to the successful operation of the business, and it regards the health, safety and welfare of its employees as paramount.

Therefore, through this statement of intent the Company will do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees, customers, contractors and others who may be affected by the activities at all its workplaces by provision of the necessary organisation, training, supervision and safe equipment.

It is the policy of the Company to comply with the terms of the Health and Safety at Work Etc., Act 1974 and with the safe working practices outlined in associated health and safety regulations and Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

The Company will, so as far as is reasonably practicable, provide:

  • A safe place of work, with safe means of access and egress
  • A safe working environment with safe tools, plant, equipment and safe systems of work
  • Safe use, handling, storage and transportation of articles and substances.
  • Instruction and training to staff in known safety hazards, safe systems of work and the use of any safety systems or safety equipment provided.

In addition the Company will:

  • Provide an organisation structure that ensures that this Health Safety and Welfare Policy will be implemented in full and updated as appropriate.
  • Ensure there is effective communication with and co-operation of all employees in the operation of this Health Safety and Welfare Policy.
  • Assess all significant risks to its employees, customers, contractors and others to develop and implement proactive measures aimed at eliminating those risks, or at least reducing them so far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Strive for continuous improvement through regular monitoring of this Health Safety and Welfare Policy.
  • Bring this statement to the attention of all employees and any other person who may be affected by the Company’s undertaking.