We specialise in all makes & models of Audi and can offer you the following services:


Specialist Audi Servicing – We look after and service all makes and models of Audi. These include your Audi A1, Audi A2, Audi A3, Audi S3, Audi RS & Audi TT. Our servicing will not affect your standard Audi warranty.

This group of vehicles have either time/distance based servicing (Also known as ‘fixed servicing’) or Longlife servicing. The schedules vary between manufacturers & models.

We also carry out Audi MOT Testing

MotorAid German Car Specialists
Minor Audi Service / Oil Service

Our Audi Servicing includes the following:

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Vehicle health check including lights, fluid levels, brakes and tyres inspected
  • Screenwash added
  • Online service book updated or Service book stamped.

Our B Service Includes the following:

  • Engine oil and filter change
    Pollen / combination filter replaced
  • Dust filter replaced (Where fitted)
  • Major inspection – Full vehicle inspection including all underbody, steering and suspension components.
  • Operational check of all electrical components.
  • Engine diagnostics carried out
  • Brake inspection – Inspection of brake pads, discs and hydraulic fluid.
  • Screenwash added
  • Online service book updated

The service is carried out as per the vehicle service schedule, this can be one or a combination of:

  • Oil service
  • Air filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Pollen filter replacement
  • Brake fluid change
  • Gearbox oil and filter change
  • Haldex oil change
  • Inspection
  • Brake fluid is renewed and system bled. The brake fluid is scheduled to be changed every 2 years.
  • The gearbox oil and filter is renewed. Some models do not have a filter and only the oil is changed, some models are ‘filled for life’.
  • Class 4 (Cars) full AUDI MOT testing
  • We can carry out full diagnosis and fault finding for your VAG with our Autologic Diagnostic Machine.
  • Your Digital Service Book will be updated and you will receive a printout that will be stamped and signed by us. All servicing carried out in accordance with your vehicles service schedule will not invalidate your standard 3 years warranty. If your vehicle has a service book this will be stamped.
  • Wheel alignment (sometimes referred to as tracking or geometry check) involves correcting the tracking and/or camber angles so that they are accurately re-set to the original manufacturer’s specification
  • Your vehicle will be serviced using genuine VAG and OE parts.
  • All of our oils are approved to the VAG specification – we are currently using Mobil 1 / Texaco oils. Specification sheets available upon request.
  • Air conditioning systems require maintenance too, over time they may leak the refrigerant gas causing the system to stop working. We can carry out re-gassing, repair and maintenance. If the air conditioning smells when operated, there is likely to be a build-up of bacteria in the vent system / pollen filter – we can run a cleaner through the system if required.
steve Amos
steve Amos
Excellent German car Specialist, better than dealer by a long way
david marshall
david marshall
I have only used MotorAid twice but again a great service, polite attentive staff, always and very competitive cost. It was a pleasure to discover a business which cares not only for your vehicle but treat their customers so nicely. I will continue to recommend a Quality Service Many thanks
Kenneth Dix
Kenneth Dix
I have always used MotorAid to look after my cars and have never been disappointed.
robert hytner
robert hytner
Brilliant service excellent value.
David Boniface
David Boniface
Great customer service and communication. Also really helpful and pleasant staff. What a difference from main dealers!
Donna crisp
Donna crisp
Did a great job repairing my car it looked fantastic
Jon Huckstepp
Jon Huckstepp
Great service. Pick up and drop off. Excellent price. Thoroughly recommend