VW/Audi various require cambelt & water pump replacements at the correct intervals to prevent engine failure. leaks

At MotorAid your specialist Volkswagen and Audi independent specialist in Basildon & Hainault, Essex we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of your car. Cambelt and water pump replacements need to be done timely. In fact, it is imperative and let me inform you why.

The cambelt, or timing belt, is a vital part in your car’s engine. It is normally a rubber belt that drives the timing of your engine to make it run perfectly. Without the timing, your mpg will increase, and the car will not run correctly, misfire and eventually if it snaps, your engine will fail catastrophically. The tell tail signs are normally from wear including cracking of the rubber timing belt itself. The result as discussed, will be a replacement engine, or if you are lucky a major overhaul costing thousands of pounds. Time maintenance really is essential when it comes to these components. 

Cambelt or timing belts need to be looked at by a case-by-case situation, so when calling for a service its prudent to ask the service advisors to check to see if your cambelt or timing belt has been replaced. 

If your car was registered pre-September 2009, then every 4 years or 60,000 miles or every 5 years or 80,000 miles if your car was registered after September 2009. This is an overview and will need to be confirmed by our service advisors at the time of booking.

All Volkswagen and Audi cars are susceptible to leaking water pumps once they have been removed when undertaking the cambelt timing kit replacement. There may not be an issue with the water pump before separation, but guaranteed once the job has been completed and the water pump disturbed, you are almost certain to suffer with a water pump leak shortly afterwards. As the water pump is not costly and it is replaced at the same time as the cam belt time chain, then it is prudent to replace it as you will not incur the cost again to strip it in labour down the line.

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